RomHack Camp

September 23-24-25th 2022

RomHack Camp

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The first Hacker Camp in Rome

RomHack conference started back in 2018 as a project of the italian community Cyber Saiyan

From 2018 to today, RomHack has grown offering more and more interesting and cutting-edge talks

Over these years cybersecurity enthusiasts, professionals and students have joined to share together their experiences and knowledge

In 2022 RomHack reached a very important milestone turning 5 years old and we raised the bar celebrating with RomHack Camp: an unforgettable hacker camp in Rome where people got together and shared their passion

The Camp enriched the RomHack Conference by giving the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas between communities in three days of learning, entertainment, knowledge sharing and, of course, beer through cutting-edge talks, workshops and interactive labs


Click here to find the Communities and People that contributed to the RomHack Camp success. They are all volunteers with lot to share: workshops, panels, talks etc

[ITA] “Un hacker camp da ricordare” da Sally