RomHack Confernce and Training

Conference 2024

Sat, 28 September 2024

@ Salone delle Fontane, Rome

Training 2024

24-27 September 2024

@ Polo Didattico, Rome

RomHack Conference 2023

RomHack Conference 2023 Resources

Kim Zetter Keynote – “Sun Stroke: How the SolarWinds hackers pulled off their ingenious operation and scorched the vulnerable underbelly of the software supply chain” [ Video | Slides ]

Ting-Yu Chen (NiNi) “A Comprehensive Review on the Less-Traveled Road: 9 Years of Overlooked MikroTik Pre-Auth RCE” [ Video | Slides ]

Alessandro Magnosi (klezVirus) “The Bright Side of the Moon: Exploring Novel Techniques for Bypassing Call Stack Analysis”
[ Video | Slides ]

Rajanish Pathak (h4ckologic) and Hardik Mehta (hardw00t) “Hacking into the iOS’s VOLTE implementation” [ Video | Slides ]

Orange Tsai “A 3-Year Tale of Hacking a Pwn2Own Target: The Attacks, Vendor Evolution, and Lesson Learned” [ Video | Slides ]

Luca Bongiorni (Cyberantani) “HandPwning: “Your Hand is your Passport. Verify me. Now let me in!” [ Video | Slides ]

Round table [ Video ]

Conference Playlist | Agenda

RomHack for Kids


We organized a track dedicated to kids up to 15 years old. They had the opportunity to experiment with live coding, robotics etc. Check the agenda!

RomHack Training 2023

This year we had great training offering:

Save the date: RomHack Training 2024 will be held from Tue, 24 September to Fri, 27 September in Rome

Follow us to learn about next year’s training opportunities! We will publish the details very soon


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