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James Forshaw “The Vendor / Researcher Relationship Needs Improvement” [ Video | Slides ]

Dr Nestori Syynimaa “Attacking Azure AD by abusing Synchronisation API: The story behind 40.000 USD in bug bounties” [ Video | Slides ]

Davide TheZero “Security in a Immutable web3 World: Breaching Smart Contracts” [ Video | Slides ]

Markus Vervier and Yasar Klawohn “DES-On-Fire: Breaking Physical Access Control” [ Video | Slides | Attack PoC ]

Rohan Aggarwal “Bypassing Anti-Cheats & Hacking Competitive Games” [ Video | Slides ]

Edoardo Rosa “You shall not PassRole!” [ Video | Slides | Demos ]

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RomHack2022 The 5th edition

RomHack2022, the 5th edition of the RomHack Conference, took place in Rome, Italy, on Saturday September 24th 2022 during the RomHack Camp

Conference VIDEO

The Conference videos are online alongside slides, demos and PoC.

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James Forshaw from Google’s Project Zero was RomHack2022 keynote speaker

RomHack 2022 Conference