RomHack Training

RomHack Training 2023

RomHack Training 2023 featured a selection of 3 trainings led by international trainers with a total of 42 trainees

Cyber Saiyan funded three scholarships for Italian students.

Student's Feedback

Azure AD Security

I improved my expertise about the topic. The trainer explained many concepts and let us “play” with new tools. He’s very good and has deep knowledge of Azure

This training had it all: we learned a lot in the intensive 4-day training and had fun with the CtF-style challenges to test our knowledge. The (outdoor) coffee breaks with fantastic food kept our energy flowing. Overall, this training was a great experience.

Code Review

I really had a great time in Rome. Perfect weather, great training and really good organizers! RomHack Training 2.0 let’s go!!!” 

I had previous experience with vulnerability research, and I still learned a lot in this course. I especially appreciated the value brought by the instructor’s very strong background in exploitation. I loved the ptmalloc challenges, the numerous real-world bug examples, and the alternating lectures and labs. Overall, the course was even better than I expected and has inspired me to improve my programming and code review skills.

IoT Security

An amazing cybersecurity course filled with valuable insights and practical knowledge.

I wort all the money, time and effort spent for both the theorical part and, most of all, the practical exercises. A lot of fun hacking IoT devices and gaining new skills.

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