The Camp Badge

Cyber Saiyan community has designed and developed a special gadget to celebrate RomHack Camp 2022, The Badge.

Camp participants had the opportunity to purchase it

  • The badge’s package included a lanyard, two batteries and…the badge
  • In order to start playing around with it and hacking it, is recommended to use a micro USB data cable
  • The badge was flashed with the Cyber Saiyan firmware
  • We really will appreciate any improvement to the project and pull requests to the dedicated GitHub project page


The Badge has some very simple features

  • It is designed to recall the dragon spheres (maybe you will be able to summon Shenron too)
  • The base SOC is a single core ESP32-C3
    • Integrates a 32-bit core RISC-V microcontroller with a maximum clock speed of 160 MHz
    • 22 configurable GPIOs
    • 400 KB of internal RAM and 4MB flash
    • WiFi and Bluetooth 5
  • In the front there are 7 RGB leds
  • In the back you will have two push buttons
    • Use your nail for a better experience 🙂
    • The 2.4” TFT display
    • A two AA battery holder

Once powered the badge will be assigned a 1-7 ID and will start to advertise itself using BLE while showing the RomHack Camp 2022 logo the display.

  • You can move to next/prev screen by a 1s long press
  • The 1st screen is the RHC22 schedule:
    • You will be able to read the schedule of the camp (use the 4th screen to update it)
  • The 2nd screen is the badges’ radar:
    • You will see all the badges around you in a dragon ball style
  • The 3rd screen is the badge’s list:
    • You will see all the badges around you
  • The 4th screen is for the WiFI functionalities:
    • Start the AP mode and connect with your PC/smartphone in order to explore more functionalities
    • Start the schedule SYNC mode in order to update the schedule at the 1st screen
  • The 5th screen is for fun (you will be able to play with snake)