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RomHack Conference 2023

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> Kim Zetter Keynote – “Sun Stroke: How the SolarWinds hackers pulled off their ingenious operation and scorched the vulnerable underbelly of the software supply chain” [ Video | Slides ]

> Ting-Yu Chen (NiNi) “A Comprehensive Review on the Less-Traveled Road: 9 Years of Overlooked MikroTik Pre-Auth RCE” [ Video | Slides ]

> Alessandro Magnosi (klezVirus) “The Bright Side of the Moon: Exploring Novel Techniques for Bypassing Call Stack Analysis”
[ Video | Slides ]

> Rajanish Pathak (h4ckologic) and Hardik Mehta (hardw00t) “Hacking into the iOS’s VOLTE implementation” [ Video | Slides ]

> Orange Tsai “A 3-Year Tale of Hacking a Pwn2Own Target: The Attacks, Vendor Evolution, and Lesson Learned” [ Video | Slides ]

> Luca Bongiorni (Cyberantani) “HandPwning: “Your Hand is your Passport. Verify me. Now let me in!” [ Video | Slides ]

> Round table [ Video ]

Conference Playlist | Agenda

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RomHack for Kids

We organized a track dedicated to kids up to 15 years old. They had the opportunity to experiment with live coding, robotics etc. Check the agenda!

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