RomHack Conference



The Call for Papers is CLOSED

  • Topic: Attack and Defense
  • Conference date: Sat, 28 September 2024
  • Format: Single track
  • Attendees: 800 expected
  • Venue: Salone delle Fontane, Rome, Italy
Selected speakers will receive an acceptance notification by 21 June 2024

Presentation slots : 6 available, 50 minutes each

Presentation language : English

review process : a committee will evaluate the received proposals

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Call for Papers

If you can rock our stage, then you are who we are looking for!

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Looking For

  • real-life case studies
  • personal or group research you’ve been a part of
  • technical topic deep-dives
  • live demonstrations
  • comprehensible and well designed presentations

Anyone with a solid background in infosec and relevant material to share is welcome to apply to RomHack CFP

We are NOT INTERESTED IN sales pitches, product reviews and widely discussed topics

Speaker's Benefits

We take care of speaker’s travel arrangements and provide for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) in a hotel near the conference venue (10 minutes by walk)

  • meals on Friday (dinner) and Saturday (lunch)
  • beers during the conference
  • 1 additional ticket for the conference
  • welcome kit
  • post-conf party

PROGRAM Committee

Submissions will be reviewed and selected by the program committee: Abdel Adim smaury Oisfi, Gerardo Di Giacomo, Francesco Giordano, Andrea TheMiddle Menin, Andrea decoder Pierini, Alberto yuntao Caponi, Giovanni merlos Mellini, Davide Pala, Federico Scalco.

In 2023 the committee received and reviewed 86 proposals; six of these were included in the conference agenda (acceptance rate 7%).

RomHack Conference 2023

Have a look to past year speakers and content

> Kim Zetter Keynote – “Sun Stroke: How the SolarWinds hackers pulled off their ingenious operation and scorched the vulnerable underbelly of the software supply chain” [ Video | Slides ]

> Ting-Yu Chen (NiNi) “A Comprehensive Review on the Less-Traveled Road: 9 Years of Overlooked MikroTik Pre-Auth RCE” [ Video | Slides ]

> Alessandro Magnosi (klezVirus) “The Bright Side of the Moon: Exploring Novel Techniques for Bypassing Call Stack Analysis”
[ Video | Slides ]

> Rajanish Pathak (h4ckologic) and Hardik Mehta (hardw00t) “Hacking into the iOS’s VOLTE implementation” [ Video | Slides ]

> Orange Tsai “A 3-Year Tale of Hacking a Pwn2Own Target: The Attacks, Vendor Evolution, and Lesson Learned” [ Video | Slides ]

> Luca Bongiorni (Cyberantani) “HandPwning: “Your Hand is your Passport. Verify me. Now let me in!” [ Video | Slides ]

> Round table [ Video ]

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